About The Fathering Project

Fathers are the most powerful missing force in Australia to reduce the chance of our kids falling victim to drugs, suicide and crime. The benefits of a proactive approach to fathering are enormous. It impacts the key areas of health, education and law and order like no other factor in our society. – Professor Bruce Robinson

Hear from our Ambassadors...

"We hope you can support or even better join our Big Push ride from Sydney to Canberra, a great ride for a great cause. It’s an opportunity to support the Fathering Project and this could be the start of something wonderful for you and your kids."

Brad Haddin - Ambassador

"Our hope is that The Fathering Project will make a significant change so that we don’t need to invest so much time trying to rescue people from terrible family violence or dealing with people who’ve committed crimes because they’ve made bad choices. They haven’t done the right thing because they’ve never been taught how to do the right things – if we can change that, we can change a generation. This is why we hope you will get involved in this event and play a part in improving the outcomes for our children."

Andrew Scipione - Ambassador